Tips for Newly Grads and Job Hunters

Job hunting nowadays can really be a pain! Based from my experience, it really is better to stand out from the conventional and advertise what you can offer. I know I don’t have that much of a success rate in terms of job hunting but I know this will help.

1. Have a good resume: Not just the simple old resume that applicants give to their potential employers but something that would stand out. Treat resumes like flyers, that you could give. It contains little information but packed with all the good things like your recent employment, your skills, your degrees and awards. Save all other information to professional networking sites like LinkedIn.

Always have a template prepared and update it once in a while.

Use a QR Code to store your information. This will allow your potential employers to save your information in an instant to their smartphones. All you need is a QR Code Generator and a QR Code reader for your smartphone. I think the most common reader used in Android phones is the NeoReader.

2. User 21st Century Technology (Social Networking Sites): What do I mean by 21st century technology? Use social networking sites to advertise yourself! LinkedIn is a professional networking site used for job hunting. It stores your resume online from contact information to certifications. You could also set your profile publicly so it can be googled or you could share your public profile link. Mine can be scanned or clicked on the right side of the page (QR Code and link). You could also use Rapportive to integrate your social networks into your gmail account. It aggregates your LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and the all important Gmail into one user interface. Rapportive lets you see your contacts’ information beside your email which pulls it from social networks.

3. Use Old School Networking (Business Cards): Make personal business/calling cards! You might not know the next time you are in a meeting room full of CEO’s and directors. Always carry a card or two or maybe three just in case. There are many calling card printers out there that you could give your layout but I suggest contacting uEdge. They could generate QR codes from your contact details but you could generate them your own.

4. Showcase your Skills: Skills are important if you want a company to hire you. Try to showcase them in a website or facebook page. Try to make a project while you are waiting for a call. Don’t make yourself idle.

*Tip: one last tip, make your email address more professional looking. Don’t use or something similar.

Please hit the comments if you have any questions.