Sliding Back

I’m having trouble coping with my current employment due to unavailability of funds. My back pay hasn’t been released yet due to certain requirements. My training batch mates and I did not receive our first pay last time. I cannot sleep well, because of the heat (maybe I should opt to buy an aircon!). Last April was a bit of a downturn for me since my expected funds did not come. I was 44.08% below my previous balance and 52.78% below my projection.

The graph also shows my balance as of May 1, 2013. It’s hard to keep up because I keep on sliding back towards my previous balances, I just pray that I could get back on track and pay off my credit card and loans by the end of the year. Currently, I am 39% in attaining my balance goal but sled further from my D-to-E ratio goal at -25.29%. At least the economy is also helping me through my stock shares which is constantly climbing. I don’t want to pull out some shares just to pay off some of my debt because of the opportunity cost that I may incur.

I just hope May 10 comes swiftly and that we would have our full month’s pay by then or else I’ll be crippled by debt. I may have to readjust my projections to incorporate my credit card debt as well.