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ResumUP is a new way to market yourself and stand out in the job seeking world. The website helps you generate a timeline to show how you have developed your career profile and help you step-by-step by providing you a roadmap to your career. It is complete with connections and skills that you have to learn to for you to be able to achieve your goal. It is still in beta and needs a lot of improvement, especially for Filipino students who needs a stepping stone here in the Philippines before competing in the global market.

Figure 1 Career Timeline with Legend

The visual resume is both informative and useful. It is also simple enough to be understood by someone in the information technology industries. Your resume can be imported from your LinkedIn or Facebook profiles. You can also generate your own from the pop-ups. ResumUP can also make a text version of your resume.

Though still lacking a few directions and careers, ResumUP offers a career path one should take in order to succeed. The app offers a step-by-step development to reach your dream goal. Your dream job may have steps in-between and skills to learn in order to “level-up” to the next job. I view this by how you “build” yourself like in MMORPG’s to land in a new “tier” or “job”.

Figure 2 Hobbies, Personality and Skill Charts

Suggestions to make it better

I think ResumUP need career consultants in different fields from different countries to be more effective. They could also directly link the LinkedIn profile so that ResumUP would automatically update as well.

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