Putting Yourself Out There

Someone from my class asked why do I have my own website. My answer is to get myself out there and to promote what my skills are! Anyway, I’m making this post as a query for one of my students on how you could “get yourself out there”.

Due to the vast competition for a job nowadays, it’s really hard to sell yourself only in an interview!

  1. Insert QR codes on your resume

    The advent of smartphones opened a door for mobile marketers to promote products, why not promote yourself as well?

    You could visit this site (http://gelodj.com/qr-code-generator/) for your to generate your own. Just select “Business Cards” from the ribbon of choices and you’re good to go.


    - The more data you put in your code, the larger it is. Be concise, just put your first and last name, mobile number and email address and/or website (if you have one). Other details such as your address and company would just congest the information in your QR code making it harder to scan.

  2. Create a Professional Network

    Having your own professional network such as your school’s own social networking site (if any) or linkedin.com can really make a difference. Making your skills public and your credentials available for the whole world to see can make your application stand out.

Having various IT skills can really make a difference.

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*Will update this post when necessary