On eLearning

I think colleges and universities should opt to have their own “free” online courseware to showcase a subject that they offer. They could also offer advance courses for high school students in preparation towards the universities’ curriculum. The design of the course should be leveled as a review of their high school subject and a preparatory for their college degree. The online course may or may not be ladderized but I suggest that it may be tailored as an advertisement for high school students and potential transferees. This is to give them a sneak peak of what the college can offer and what environment does the classroom have.

Virtual classrooms have been made possible by Moodle and Chamilo. These platforms can automate exam and quiz checking, and report  card and certificate generation.



With the dawn of smart phones and tablets, high school and college students could download apps, lectures. quizzes and exams that may help them through their learning experience.

The development of the curriculum may take a trimester but once it is already finished, it will be just a breeze.

Moodle can also be partnered with mahara as an extenesion. This online software can be installed within the college’s website and showcase the college’s best assets, the PROFESSORS. Professors on the other hand can manage their portfolios online, upload lectures and publications, contact details and more.

The point of these all is that the internet can be used to exchange knowledge and not just information. Social media like twitter and facebook are powerful tools that can be connected with these online softwares.

What do you think? Please place your ideas in the comments section.