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New Projections

Posting this is kind of weird on my part. I don’t know yet what I’ll be dealing with in the future but I really should learn to project what would happen in. Anyway, I am back to 63.46% towards achieving my financial goal for this year and 16.11% towards my D-to-E ratio goal until next year. The stock market is looking a little shaky from the past few days but I am not that alarmed since many analysts say that this is just a correction due to the fall of the mining sector. I still have 13 days to go until my official resignation, and 11 days to go until the end of the term. Hopefully, my kids could make it after finals though I am projecting that there will be a lot of casualties. I am not sure how long I should be able to survive without salary since my current employer would hold my last salary and honoraria for at least 1 month. Currently, I am 3.54% behind my previous balance but 1.20% higher than my projection. I hope I could see it through the end of the month with a better balance. I am still hoping to beat my November 2012 balance which is 76.99% towards my financial goal by the end of the trimester.

My projections after this quarter include my salary on my next employment and my budget in Hong Kong. I know things will be a bit shaky for me over the transition and hopefully my next employment will be enjoyable just like my current.


A Sigh of Relief

This month went better than expected! I am 27.36% better than my last month’s balance and 24.97% better than my initial projection. All I have to do is to minimize my spending because I am not sure on the coming days on when my salary be held due to my resignation! The stock market has recovered from its decline last Feb 26, 2013 and achieved another record high closing at 6721.45. I am back to 66.39% to achieving my financial goal and 17.64% into my D-to-E ratio goal. I know I’m still behind, but I know I could keep it up until the end of the quarter.

2013 Mid 1st Quarter Report

I recently resigned from my current employment and it came to my attention that I should make another projection for the last payday of the quarter since I won’t have a salary and it will just be included in my back pay. I’m planning to loan from my parents first since my funds are quite unstable yet. I’m still recovering from my debt-hole since 2012 and I project that I will have a blue balance at the end of the year. Currently, I am 2.39% below compared to my last month’s balance and 2.10% above my projection. Partnered with the strong economic growth last January and the consolidating trend up until last week made an impact in my balance.



My projections still have a downward trend for the first two months but hopefully it could show an upward trend as soon as possible .At least, my 2-D graph shows another story, but I haven’t broken my personal balance high yet since November 2012. I just hope I could make a better balance at the end of the quarter.

Not Doing so Well

The first week of February isn’t going so well. The reasons would be as follows:

  1. I have to face new endeavours in a caustic environment;
  2. My Walkman W Series broke due to mishandling;
  3. Still patiently waiting for a text message that dictates my future;
  4. The momentum to do things is very feeble;
  5. And most importantly, my balance isn’t looking too well.

Aside from the negative turn of events, the Philippine stock exchange is looking pretty well this past few weeks. Optimistically speaking, I think there will still be no correction for this day (February 5, 2013). I am hopeful that the momentum of the PSE sustains until the foreseeable future (or until my retirement! LOL).

My balance is down by 6.93% compared to last month’s balance and below 2.67% from my projection. I’m still waiting for my honorarium in my CWTS subject which should arrive this week and compensate for the losses that I obtained from the past few days. I know it won’t still look good this month since I still need to go back and forth Region 3 and Valentine’s Day is coming. I did not include them in my projections since it goes under my budgeting for my everyday expenses. My balance graph is still not looking pretty well because of the trend line I included and still projects downward. Thankfully for the strong economic growth (which the general population is not feeling), it offset my balance to go up. Below are some miscellaneous graph of my balances and the DNAVPU of BDO’s Equity Fund.

It’s the start of the Year again

The beginning of my year isn’t that great to start with since I did not meet my year end’s goal. This year, I’m willing to strive to get where I am supposed to be. At least, comparing my last 2 years and projecting my current year, I am supposed to meet my goal at the beginning of the second quarter of the year. I know I’m not doing it right but I suppose I could really give it another try.

Projecting your finances in the future is a lot more difficult than I thought since there are some emergency situations that I should take into consideration. Health is also another factor to consider. This is why I am also monitoring my health and being more health conscious. I just hope I can make it through the end of the year and meet my goals!


  1. Pass my ChE licensure Examination
  2. Pass my Chm licensure Examination
  3. Obtain the blue zone for my Financial Statement
  4. Health Goals
  5. Career Goals

I should stick to my principles more and review them once in a while (maybe I should stick another copy on my refrigerator to remind me of what I should be!).

Anyway, at least the economy is looking great though I read it in a newspaper that when the Peso-Dollar Ratio drops to 39, a few BPO industries would close. This is a relatively scary thought since the Philippines is one of the BPO hubs of the world. I don’t know what effect would this have on the PSEi and other stocks value (well, especially my UITF investment currently in BDO).

Someone once told me that I should learn from my mistakes but I take it a point that I should also learn from others’ mistakes especially in life. I have learned to control myself but I should learn how to really take control of my life by spending less and keeping more! I should also learn from the success of others and never criticize (I should also print a copy of desiderata!).