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Current projection shows a fluctuating trend based from my past data. At least, I know I’m now recovering and starting to adjust to my new employment. Though not yet the highest balance this year, at least it is higher than my past two balances. Currently, I am 23.55% better than my previous close and 17.36% better than my projection! I still have half a month left to maintain my balance. I am currently at 63.80% in achieving my balance goal and 14.42% in reaching my D-to-E ratio goal.

Discipline is Key!

From Sliding to Recovering

Thank God it’s Friday and “Recovery” day! My actual income came better than expected boosting my D-to-E ratio back to the green (31.8%) from my previous ratio. My balance also recovered to 120.36% compared to my previous balance and 14.30% better than my projection. This day has been my all-time high so far after 5 months (November balance). I am also waiting for today’s NAVPU to update my balance.

Sliding Back

I’m having trouble coping with my current employment due to unavailability of funds. My back pay hasn’t been released yet due to certain requirements. My training batch mates and I did not receive our first pay last time. I cannot sleep well, because of the heat (maybe I should opt to buy an aircon!). Last April was a bit of a downturn for me since my expected funds did not come. I was 44.08% below my previous balance and 52.78% below my projection.

The graph also shows my balance as of May 1, 2013. It’s hard to keep up because I keep on sliding back towards my previous balances, I just pray that I could get back on track and pay off my credit card and loans by the end of the year. Currently, I am 39% in attaining my balance goal but sled further from my D-to-E ratio goal at -25.29%. At least the economy is also helping me through my stock shares which is constantly climbing. I don’t want to pull out some shares just to pay off some of my debt because of the opportunity cost that I may incur.

I just hope May 10 comes swiftly and that we would have our full month’s pay by then or else I’ll be crippled by debt. I may have to readjust my projections to incorporate my credit card debt as well.

Dwindling Resources

Starting on my new job has been quite an adventure! My “resources” are dwindling since my next pay day is still on the 30th! I know it’s my fault since I did not establish my Emergency Fund in the past. I am barely living in trickles of what I have sold and what I have saved and loaned from the past few months. I just hope I could still bear everything.

I am currently 43.77% below my previous balance and to make things worse, I am 51.94% below my original projection. I really do hope that my salary would come this 30 and that my backpay be released as soon as possible! At least it would help me a lot with my current situation!

So How do I budget my Money?

This is a follow up on my post yesterday on how to budget money, as of now, I am currently paying off my loans. Currently, I am 65.89% on attaining my financial balance goal and 16.63% on my D-to-E ratio goal. My D-to-E ratio is currently pegged at 1.6848 but I think I could make this better by the end of summer. These numbers are currently changing due to my adjustment period when I move to Bataan. I’ll be updating this page as soon as I get adjusted and get more information.

2013 BalanceFortunately, I am 3.33% better (March balance) than my previous balance making it 7.77% better than my projection. This April, I am 9.55% below my last month’s balance but 5.54% better than my projection. I am nervous with this month’s balance that it might fall below my projection which will hurt my overall balance and projections for my upcoming months.

ComparisonComparing my projections from 2011 up to the present I think I’m doing better, I still have to do better! So far I won’t be reaching a plateau yet and I hope I won’t in the near future. The balance from May 2013 to December 2013 are still projections.

The pie chart above is my current budget profile but I have to adjust this as soon as I pay off my debts like below.

In a wishful thinking, I should be able to get the rest of my pay by the first or second week of May and this should include the following:

  • Pro-rated 13th month pay
  • Unpaid salary due to cut-off – most companies implement 10th and 25th cutoff time for payroll. Assuming you resigned on the 30th, that means your backpay includes 5 days of work.

(source: April 3, 2013)

I just hope it covers what I have loaned for.

Looking Back

2 years, 7 months and 13 days, as my LinkedIn profile tells me how long I have stayed in Malayan Colleges Laguna as an Assistant Professor. I gained friends, memories, stories, lessons, knowledge and wisdom. It has been a long journey of twists and turns, and ups and downs. My students have always been my inspiration to move forward and onward. My colleagues have been there to support my back and taught me to accept criticisms.

Anyway, This month’s balance is 13.06% better than last month’s balance, though I’m still in the middle of a lot of pressure because most of my funding comes from credit and loans. I’m still hoping for a better backpay to pay back my loans from last month and this month. Citibank rejected my application again maybe due to the high risk they could incur with me due to my credit (being eccentric, I always see myself as an investment). At least balance is 15.71% better than my projection.

Sigh… I hope everything goes better.

Pass-Fail Statistics 3rd Term SY 2012-2013

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