A Flash in the Pan?!

“Ningas Kugon” or should be say “A flash in the pan”? This is an aptly term for laws here in the Philippines. Last week, August 11, 2013, when I traversed my routine path towards Five Star Bus Terminal, I was surprised by how clean it was. There were no more sidewalk vendors in sight! I guessed that the “No Vendors Allowed Here” sign paid off. I went back there on the 15th and saw a few vendors laying down their carpets and a few products then last Sunday (August 18, 2013), like mushrooms, they were back complete with tables and awnings!

This section of the Metro is the hub of all travelers from both South and North Luzon. It is filled with malls, marketplaces, bus terminals and motels. Unfortunately, this section is also teeming with hooligans, pickpockets and criminals. I am not saying that the sidewalk vendors and criminals are the same, but the situation gives these criminals to do their business – slow moving pedestrians with bags and pocketful of money in a crowded place! Sidewalks are for pedestrians and not for vendors.